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Labour’s Wheelie Bin Poll Tax

Labour’s Wheelie Bin Poll Tax

🕔08.Feb 2013
Curated from Deirdre Alden, written by Deirdre Alden

One of the many reasons I am against wheelie bins is because the system makes it so much easier to charge people for the waste they throw out (via a micro chip in the bin) – and I don’t think Councils should charge people extra for collecting their rubbish, not least because it would lead to a massive increase in fly tipping.

Bring in wheelie bins and charging may follow, has always been my fear. I didn’t however think Labour were planning to start charging in Birmingham immediately.

I was wrong. Their budget released today includes charging householders £35 if they want a green garden waste wheelie bin. As Harborne and Brandwood are getting wheelie bins first, presumably their residents (Cllr McKay’s constituents) will get the charge first too.

This is an ill thought out scheme by Labour. How much will it cost to levy the charge of £35 on each household? It must be quite expensive since it won’t be every household – just those who choose to have the green bin.

How is charging people to put out recycling going to improve recycling rates?

How are Labour going to stop people putting garden waste in with their household refuse? (Are fines coming next?)

How are Labour going to stop people putting their green waste in someone else’s bin? Or beside somene else’s bin?

How much is it going to cost the Labour Council to deal with the flying tipping of green waste which is bound to follow?

And finally, my understanding is that this is a flat rate fee.  It does NOT equate to the size of a person’s garden, how much green waste they put out, or their ability to pay. It is, in short, a poll tax. Labour have decided to hit the poor hardest.


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