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Labour Axe This Month’s Question Time

Labour Axe This Month’s Question Time

🕔21.Feb 2013
Curated from Deirdre Alden, written by Deirdre Alden

Next week’s Council papers have been published, and the Question Time session has been axed. The first explanation given for this was that there is never a question time session on Budget Day. When a quick check of previous year’s papers proved this to be patently untrue, the new explanation was that at the same time as it was decided to lengthen the Question Time session this municipal year, it was also decided not to include the session on budget day.

Of course it would take a sizeable chunk of time out of the pitifully short meeting which now passes for a Full Council meeting in Birmingham under Labour, but then there is nothing to stop the budget day meeting being extended to allow for questions AND a decent debate on the budget. When John was first a Councillor (he was elected in 1983), budget meetings regularly went on till very late in the evening. This Labour administration however prefers Council meetings to be over by 6.30 pm so they can all pack up and go home early.

So Question Time is axed this month. Ah well, I suppoe it’s one way to protect the Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City from a barrage of hostile questions about wheelie bins like he faced last month.

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