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Introducing The Chamber POTY – who will be our Person of the Year?

Introducing The Chamber POTY – who will be our Person of the Year?

🕔14.Dec 2012
Who has made the biggest impact on the political and civic scene in the West Midlands in 2012?
Is it an inspiring political leader, an earnest community campaigner – or an irritating dimwit who would do us all  a favour by moving to Norfolk?
We’ve launched the Chamber POTY to find out. Over the next couple of weeks you can duck out of those tedious festivities to attend to the real matter in hand – who will be the inaugural winner of this no doubt coveted award?
An inscribed, unused chamber pot to the winner, a fulsome sense of achievement to the runners up.
Some of the Files’s resident and guest bloggers will be nominating their favourites over the next few days, and if you want to put forward your own, just join in the comment threads on the posts, or keep the debate going on Twitter, with the hashtag #chamberpoty.
Then, next week, we’ll publish a shortlist of ten names in the form of a Poll Daddy poll for you to vote for the person you think should be Chamber POTY 2012. We’ll announce the winner in the first week in January. there may or may not be a glittering, Oscars-style ceremony to mark the occasion*
Here are a few names to get you started:
  • Andrew Mitchell MP, for services to the emergency services
  • Sion Simon – the Forlorn Hope Award
  • Mike Whitby – Orator of the Year
  • Liam Byrne MP – Opportunist of the Year
  • Cllr Barry Henley – Diplomat of the Year
  • Tom Watson – for services related to bringing a multinational billion dollar corporation to its knees.
  • Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham – environmental award for consistent recycling of speeches
  • Mike Olley – The ‘Over Before it Started’ campaign of the year award
Let battle commence!
* There probably won’t be

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