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Everything you wanted to know about wheelie bins (but were afraid to ask)

Everything you wanted to know about wheelie bins (but were afraid to ask)

🕔28.Dec 2012

Did Downton Abbey leave you feeling, well, a little underwhelmed this Christmas?

Were Coronation Street and EastEnders predictably boring?

Fear not. Birmingham City Council has come to the rescue of families wanting something much more exciting from the festive television schedules.

A video about wheelie bins starring green, safe and smart city cabinet member James McKay promises to be cult viewing, although it is probably preferable to go to the pub first.

In a three minute slot, a freshly-scrubbed and suited Cllr McKay makes lots of expressive hand gestures and attempts to answer the big questions about refuse disposal:

  • Does size really matter?
  • How many bins will I receive?
  • Why the black sacks have had their day.

The film appears to be the Labour-led council’s latest attempt to sell a £30 million wheelie bin scheme to sceptical Brummies. Funding for the project is coming from the Government, and the bins will help Birmingham to radically increase its poor recycling rate, according to Cllr McKay.

Liberal Democrat, and some but not all Conservative councillors, claim that wheelie bins will be bad news for disabled people and families living in “unsuitable” houses and flats. The photograph accompany this article was published by Tory city councillor James Bird, and clearly depicts hweelie bins in an unfavourable light.

But Cllr McKay insists there is no need to worry. If you aren’t capable of wheeling a bin, you can stick with black sacks.

The film can be seen at

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