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  1. 🕔 13:23, 16.May 2014


    I keep reading about the housing shortages in Birmingham, so why are there 22 two bedroom flats above ALDIS at the Maypole, I have asked questions on several occasions and eventually I had a reply from Steve McCabe MP telling me these flats are empty because there was no completion date set out in the contract, now im not a lawyer or a builder but after four years since the stores been open these flats have been left empty because there is no completion date, is this a joke,affordable flats are desperately needed in Birmingham and planning permission given like this needs answering as its nothing more than a commercial con, to get a supermarket built with flats that will never be completed, it is scandalous that 22 families needing homes are being denied them because of a clause deliberately written into a contract that these flats will always be empty.

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  2. 🕔 13:13, 16.May 2014


    the Trojan horse investigation states there is no hard line Islamic agenda in infiltrating our schools, so if there was no substance in these allegations what exactly was the purpose in the rumours to start with, and are the full findings of the inquiry available to the public, and who was the investigators that found there was no evidence to support these allegations.

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