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A job description for Birmingham’s first elected mayor: Guest post by Sir Bernard Zissman

A job description for Birmingham’s first elected mayor: Guest post by Sir Bernard Zissman

🕔04.Jan 2012

THE CITY OF BIRMINGHAM seeks applications for its first elected mayor
– with qualifications to match our city’s

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The City of Birmingham, home to over a million citizens and at the heart of a region of over three million people invites applications from unique individuals to lead it into a new era of development and success. The post will carry a salary to match the proven performance of the successful candidate with the ability to enthuse and excite its one million people and create a personal profile for the Mayor alongside the profile of Birmingham.

Birmingham is the home of the industrial revolution, a city which made its name from the quality of its engineering products which it sold to the four quarters of the world. Facing the change of a global marketplace, the city adapted with continuing manufacturing capability, a growing and experienced professional sector and with added conference and exhibition facilities to rival any in the world.

  • The Elected Mayor will already be a successful and respected leader of a major organisation, with a proven track record of working across international boundaries and have that special ability to inspire those around her/him; will test and challenge the selection panel with a range of experience and total commitment to take on the huge task on offer and will be expected to have the following qualifications: Belief in Birmingham as a global city with the capacity to articulate and present its vision to a range of audiences with confidence and conviction including international as well as national gatherings
  • Excellent people management skills – internally as well as externally; approachable to citizens from the inner city as well as those in the suburbs
  •  Ability to listen as well as talk
  •  Entrepreneurial flair and strong business acumen with an open door to those in the city whose entrepreneurial skill has built its reputation
  •  The ability to handle the complexity of relationships with the private sector which provides the wealth and investment as well as those in need of support in the community
  • The courage to sit at the table with government ministers and civil servants and create a level of mutual respect which will attract support, investment and recognition and the full allocation of responsibility and power to make the city safe, move efficiently and govern itself within the framework of national legislation
  •  The status and success which drives the nation’s leaders never to visit Birmingham without a personal call
  •  The breadth of imagination to see the range of opportunities open to the city and its inhabitants and the ability to identify those which can be delivered and to instil a common purpose and pride among those wherever they live within the city boundaries
  • Recognition of the multi cultural nature of the population and the ability to merge the ambitions and hopes of the thousands of young people so as to build the foundation when deprivation will not be a measure which is a feature of Birmingham
  • Bring the outstanding talents of the city’s proud academic universities and institutions into the front line of the drive for economic success
  • To be a leader fully respected by the citizens, by the staff, by the media, by the creators of wealth as well as those in need and by those outside of the city and country whose ambition is shared to create a better life for all who live in Birmingham

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