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WMCA transport arm wins top award at transport ‘Oscars’

WMCA transport arm wins top award at transport ‘Oscars’

🕔14.Oct 2016

And the winner of best transport authority goes to…

Lo and behold, the public body responsible for keeping trains, trams and automobiles moving has been awarded the highest honour in the transport industry’s equivalent to the Oscars (yes, they do indeed exist).

Whilst we’re sure there’ll be cries of “my train was still late this morning” echoed across the city, Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), the team tasked with delivering the WMCA’s long term transport strategy ‘Movement for Growth’ and driving forward more than £4 billion of transport infrastructure over the coming decade, took ‘City Region Transport Authority of the Year’ at last night’s National Transport Awards in London.

Continuing its recent ‘star pupil’ status following last week’s Conservative party conference and ministerial commitment to HS2, the region’s authority beat opposition from Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the North East, scooping the award for the key projects delivered over the last year. These include the Midland Metro tram extension through Birmingham city centre and the Swift smartcard – our sort-of Oyster card.

In addition, ‘the Improvements to Bus Services Award for the Platinum project’ with National Express West Midlands was also Highly Commended (yes, yes, again we hear you those waiting in the No.9 queue to Stourbridge.)

MD Laura Shoaf, who collected the award of behalf of TfWM at the awards ceremony in London, said:

It’s a tremendous achievement and it marks the start of what will be an exciting time for transport in the West Midlands.

Our minds are now focused on putting in place the transport infrastructure needed to reap the maximum economic benefits possible from HS2.

Our goal is to build a fast and efficient transport network of rail, tram, bus and cycle routes so people can get to the new jobs being created, reach health, education and training facilities and visit leisure destinations.

Cllr Roger Lawrence, transport lead on the WMCA, said:

This is the industry’s most coveted award so it’s a real testament to the hard work and expertise of our staff at TfWM.

The projects they have delivered are helping to drive economic growth and new jobs right across our region while bringing real benefits to the travelling public.

But this is just the start and I know that everyone at TfWM is ready to deliver the next tranche of tram extensions, rail improvements and enhanced passenger services.

Built on the foundations of the former Centro, TfWM is charged with building more tram extensions, new suburban rail lines, cycle routes and better motorways. It will work as part of the WMCA on projects which underpin and support WMCA’s wider goals for economic growth, housing and skills.

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