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So what next? A Manifesto for Bristol of course!

So what next? A Manifesto for Bristol of course!

🕔09.May 2012

We’ve been floating this idea around for  a while – long before the Yes vote came about, but a manifesto for the city written by the people of Bristol seems like the next logical step. 24% of Bristol’s citizens came out and voted but that means three out of four people either didn’t want to engage or didn’t know enough to engage. If an elected mayor is to truly be empowered to lead the city to the top of the league tables for places to live, they’re going to need more people to give  a damn. And that’s why we’ve started to draft our new vision, mission and values.

Many people are getting in touch wanting to be involved and there’s plenty of room for everyone because the task we have is a mammoth one. We want to push voting levels to 60/70/80% at least and we want the whole city to voice their aspirations for the place they call home.

We’ve begun bouncing around our words in our facebook group:

but feel free to comment here on how we can improve it:

A Manifesto for Bristol (working first draft only – make it better add comments and ideas below) Vision:
1 To inspire people to work together to create a shared vision for a better future for Bristol
2) To encourage people to be bold and put forward ideas, suggestions and comment on how to build a better Bristol
3) To facilitate discussion and debate through online, postal and face-to-face means
4) To construct, develop and share the tools to enable this mission to take place
5) To promote engagement through existing city-wide community or council driven channels (e.g Neighbour Hood partnerships, school, universities, business associations, residents groups, representative bodies)
6) To reach out & collaboratively involve businesses and political groups of whatever colour or flavour across the city
7) To capture ideas, suggestions and comment on how to improve Bristol
8) To reflect and distil the aspirations of our communities in a Manifesto for Bristol
9) To carry out this exercise guided by a spirit of transparency and openness at all times
10) To remain independent of influence, bought or political, and to see to it that all candidates for Mayor are forced to measure up against a Manifesto for Bristol before the election campaign begins

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