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Regional bias? Perish forbid! How could anyone even think it?

Regional bias? Perish forbid! How could anyone even think it?

🕔24.Feb 2013
Curated from Radio To Go, written by Robin Valk

There are many reasons to bemoan the huge loss of broadcasting jobs in our region. The best is simple economics, but a bit of fairplay wouldn’t hurt. The Midlands region pays more license fees, but sees less BBC spending, than any other region.  

BBC regional spend by license fee payer

As far as the Midlands media industry is concerned, it’s not even a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. You can’t shut a door that’s been smashed to pieces and left hanging off its hinges. 

It’s taken years, decades. Thousands of jobs have gone. So it was interesting to attend the freshly-formed Campaign For Regional Broadcasting Midlands‘ first meeting. New to me and probably you, but with a formidable array of mainly BBC Drama and TV contacts, this took place on Thursday this past week. During the meeting, some breathtaking statistics were reeled out, which you really should know about. 

The fact is, things are bad – really bad. If we ever want to see a proper grown-up media sector in our region again, there’s a lot of ground to cover, a lot of assumptions to challenge, and a lot of attitudes to confront. Locally, a toxic combination of laziness, arrogance, bad thinking and poor decisions has sped the process along. More after the jump.  

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