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Police Commissioner defends anti-Conservative onslaught

Police Commissioner defends anti-Conservative onslaught

🕔18.Jan 2013

Bob Jones fb 3West Midlands Police Commissioner Bob Jones has been accused of “failing to respect the dignity of his office” by promoting outspoken attacks on the Conservative Party through social media.

Using his personal Facebook account, Mr Jones has regularly shared posts from Facebook pages ‘Nobody Likes a Tory’ and ‘Another Angry Voice’ alongside publicising a wide range of interests including the real ale society Camra and the preservation of Welsh railways.

One of his latest postings suggests that it is part of Conservative philosophy to “take from the needy and give to the greedy” and that thousands of disabled people are dying because they have lost welfare benefits.

The allegation was described as “puerile nonsense” by Matt Bennett, the Conservative candidate for West Midlands police commissioner who lost out to Mr Jones at last November’s PCC election.

Mr Bennett said Mr Jones, a Wolverhampton Labour city councillor, had a duty to be even-handed in his role as police commissioner and should represent all sections of society.

Mr Bennett added: “I am surprised that Mr Jones has chosen to promote these sorts of views now that he is police commissioner. He should be showing a bit more leadership and respect for the dignity of his office.

“This really is the kind of exaggerated nonsense that we have come to expect from the far left.”

Mr Jones hit back pointing out that his personal Facebook page “is nothing to do with my role as police commissioner”. He has a separate Facebook account to publicise police commissioner matters.

He said: “I do have the right to talk to friends to express my own personal opinions. What is on my own personal page is not meant to represent my views as police commissioner.”

The biographical notes on Mr Jones’s personal Facebook page make no mention of the fact that he is the police commissioner, simply stating that he is a city councillor in Wolverhampton.

Mr Jones intends to resign from Wolverhampton City Council in March and has not been taking any allowances from the council since his election to the £100,000 a year police commissioner job.


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