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Old Joe’s Almanac: Sir Albert Bore

Old Joe’s Almanac: Sir Albert Bore

🕔23.Dec 2013

Not a great year for the Labour leader of Birmingham City Council. And guess what? There’s little chance of 2014 being any better as Albert faces up to delivering the largest public spending cuts in the council’s history, courtesy of Chancellor George Osborne.

We have to thank Sir Albert, though, for enlivening the stuffy public sector with some exciting new catchphrases. These have included ‘The Jaws of Doom’, ‘The End of Local Government as We Know It’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Decommissioning Services’.

In the end, even though the council has to save £450 million by £2017-18, Sir Albert and the Labour group of councillors postponed Armageddon. It goes almost without saying that 2014 will be a tasty year with Sir Albert facing in May the now traditional challenge to his leadership by John Clancy.

Don’t bet against the Great Survivor hanging on, though.

Sir Albert Bore
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