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Old Joe’s Almanac: Michael Fabricant MP

Old Joe’s Almanac: Michael Fabricant MP

🕔30.Dec 2013

The Lichfield MP continues to cause a stir on twitter, with an impact far greater than he has ever managed in the Chamber. His crowning moment came as a false moustache adorned his top lip during PMQs at the conclusion of Movember. The former whip couldn’t achieve a hair raising experience through his own efforts, so artificial aids were called upon and the Speaker turned a blind eye to the protocol offence.

An advocate for a more open approach to relations with UKIP and a staunch opponent of HS2, Mickey Fab (as used to be affectionately known) is no stranger to speaking his mind without overtly antagonising the leadership. With a self-deprecating air on the micro-blogging platform, he manages to cut a different approach to some of the more self-regarding members on the green benches.

Moustache in the Mother of all Parliaments
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