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Old Joe’s Almanac: Marc Reeves

Old Joe’s Almanac: Marc Reeves

🕔24.Dec 2013

The erstwhile editor of this august blog couldn’t resist the silver coins on offer from a proper publisher earlier this year and left The Chair at the Files– and a blossoming consultancy career –to try and inject some new life, leadership and digital nous into the Post and Mail.

Reeves is busy around town doing what he does best: lunch. We note he’s started wearing his Sunday suits in the week more often and has taken to carrying a colourful satchel around the city’s bars. No wonder the digital traffic to the venerable titles is on such an upward trend.

The man who launched Business Desk into the West Midlands, as well as this humble corner of the web, understands online probably better than anyone else in the old school publishing world. So we’re confident he’ll remember to ensure there are links and references in Post and Mail articles to the stories we break first here on the Files.

Reeves remains much missed at Chamberlain Towers, but we’re glad he maintains his links to RJF. After all, it’s a long way from the bars of the CBD to Fort Dunlop.

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