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Old Joe’s Almanac: Councillor John Clancy

Old Joe’s Almanac: Councillor John Clancy

🕔19.Dec 2013

Councillor Clancy is rapidly becoming Birmingham City Council’s resident Cassandra. Whether it’s free school meals, municipal bonds, de-Capita-tion, the Greater Birmingham LEP or house building, Clancynomics has habit of predicting future policy.

The Clancy carol hasn’t changed all that much – but now people are starting to tune in. His ‘red meat’ policy ticket has attracted the attention of those in the upper echelons of Labour Party circles such as Rachel Reeves and Ed Balls.

It goes without saying that Clancy will raise another challenge to Sir Albert Bore’s leadership in 2014– they’re rapidly becoming an annual moment in the political calendar of Birmingham. While it seems unlikely that he will dislodge the Great Survivor, Clancy may well gain more support from ‘doom-weary’ councillors as Sir Albert struggles to wrestle good news from the Jaws of Doom.

Clancy’s biggest achievement is not that he has managed to cast himself as a viable contender (as of yet), but he made himself into a voice that must be heard in future.

John 'Cassandra' Clancy

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