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Old Joe’s Almanac: Bob Jones

Old Joe’s Almanac: Bob Jones

🕔20.Dec 2013

The reluctant Commissioner has not missed an opportunity to remind us of what a great job he is doing in a role he does not believe should exist. He’s overpaid, he tells us, but we’re not aware of a £35,000 donation to the Birmingham Dogs Home (or the local branch of CAMRA).

Jones enjoyed, if that is the word, most national prominence amidst the chaos of #plebgate and an internal inquiry into the conduct of Fed reps. Quite why he thought it such a good idea to give unreserved backing to officers who were rightly chastised in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee for the way they reported on their meeting with Andrew Mitchell remains a mystery. A live interview with Adam Boulton on Sky News will go down in the annals of classic media encounters.

Our police informants tell us that Jones has not been seen spreading his passion for real ale with pint sized gifts during the festive period, but he is known to be respected by colleagues in the service – not least for his integrity and work ethic. No one can argue the Commissioner doesn’t make every effort to engage with his citizens or to ensure full transparency.

Next year, Bob, rest assured we already know your views on the PCC policy. We’d be grateful if you would just make the best of it – and enjoy your full salary with our compliments.

The Reluctant Commissioner
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