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Mosquito supporters demand police commissioner’s ‘immediate resignation’

Mosquito supporters demand police commissioner’s ‘immediate resignation’

🕔11.Apr 2016

West Midlands Police Commissioner David Jamieson is conducting a “trial by media” against his deputy, Yvonne Mosquito, and should resign, campaigners have claimed.

The Justice 4 Yvonne group, set up to fight for the deputy police commissioner who was suspended from her £65,000-a-year post by Mr Jamieson, is demanding a public apology from the commissioner and a promise that he will not stand for re-election in May.

In a list of demands, most of which seem unlikely to be met, the group calls for an immediate lifting of the suspension and also suggests the relationship between Ms Mosquito and Mr Jamieson was already “fractured”.

The group, whose spokesman is community campaigner Des Jaddoo, accuses Mr Jamieson of acting unprofessionally and says his actions are based on “personal animosity” resulting from “the recent historical strained working relationship”.

Mr Jamieson suspended Ms Mosquito last month following a complaint from a senior police officer.

It is alleged Ms Mosquito visited the family of a murder victim without following agreed protocols and did not inform investigating officers of her intention to do so.

Ms Mosquito, a prominent Christian, a city councillor for 20 years and well known member of Birmingham’s African-Caribbean community, is understood to have prayed with the family and believes she has done nothing wrong.

She has not, however, lodged a formal complaint against Mr Jamieson or engaged with the grievance procedure operated by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

In a statement issued following her suspension, Mr Jamieson said Ms Mosquito might have “interfered with and disrupted a highly complex and sensitive criminal investigation” and had ignored official procedures by making the visit without first informing investigating officers.

The detailed statement explaining his decision to suspend his deputy attracted the wrath of the Unite union which said it was appalled that the commissioner saw fit to put private and confidential information into the public domain.

The Justice 4 Yvonne group issued its demands following a demonstration outside the Council House at the weekend to rally support for Ms Mosquito.

The event prompted the Colmore Business Improvement District to warn its members that a public meeting was to be held but no trouble was expected. The BID was correct on both counts.

After the meeting, Mr Jaddoo said he believed the deputy police commissioner had been victimised by the Commissioner “based on their fractured relationship for which it has been reported that Mrs Mosquito had initiated a complaint in respect of his conduct”.

The campaign issued a list of comments and demands:

  • The lifting of the suspension of Mrs Mosquito.
  • A public apology from Mr Jamieson for his mishandling of the situation and to Mrs Mosquito.
  • Mr Jamieson to resign as Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • Mr Jamieson to stand aside from the forthcoming elections.
  • Mr Jamieson has acted arbitrarily and unilaterally and we believe beyond his jurisdiction.
  • Mr Jamieson’s decision-making is flawed as he has blatantly disregarded protocol in terms of the role of the Police and Crime Panel, in addition to their jurisdiction in this matter, for which we are requesting an urgent convening of the Panel to discuss this ever developing crisis.
  • We believe that Mr Jamieson has acted unprofessionally in this matter as his actions, based on the recent historical strained working relationship, are based on personal animosity.
  • Mr Jamieson has commenced a trial by media against his deputy, which break with all protocols including employment law, to the extent in our view will deny Mrs Mosquito a fair hearing in any forum as there is a clear attempt to publicly discredit her.
  • Mr Jamieson misguiding actions has called into question his integrity and suitability for the post of West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, in a diverse area such as the West Midlands as he clearly failed to understand the cultural diversity of the region.

A spokesperson for Mr Jamieson said:

The commissioner made this decision after receiving information from West Midlands Police about a specific issue.  There is no connection between the decision and anything else. This issue is about the impartiality of the police and potential disruption of a murder enquiry, any suggestion otherwise is simply not true.

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