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HS2 Case File

HS2 Case File

🕔20.Sep 2013

So that’s a full week of HS2 – you’ve heard the cases for and against, now it’s just left for you to make up your own mind. For those of you who haven’t had enough of HS2, below is a selection of articles and key documents pertinent in the ongoing debate.

HS2 Support

HS2: The British will fund wars, but not the infrastructure vital to our future

HS2 is vital for Britain’s prosperity

HS2 has the power to inspire a generation

Rail network ‘heading for a capacity crunch’ under HS2

Without HS2 our railways will be full to bursting (£)

HS2 Opposition

It’s not HS2 that’s going to boost the North’s economy

Never mind HS2. Britain needs a new airport more 

Is there anyone left who still supports HS2?

HS2 isn’t the next Olympics. It’s a domestic Afghan war

HS2 will not deliver a better rail service. Here is a radical alternative

Key Documents

Review of Strategic Alternatives to HS2 – November 2011

Deloitte report on HS2 property bond option September – September 2013

KPMG HS2 Regional Economic Impacts – September 2013

HS2 Cost and Risk Model – March 2012

High Speed 2: the next government project disaster? – September 2011

The High Speed Gravy Train – August 2013

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