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How plain talking Bob faced down extremists

How plain talking Bob faced down extremists

🕔26.Jul 2013

In recent weeks, when tensions have been running high in Birmingham and the West Midlands with three mosques attacked and an 82 year old pensioner brutally murdered outside a mosque, many in senior positions from all parties have remained silent. Bob Jones, by contrast, has been steadfast and vocal. His solidarity with all communities hasn’t gone unnoticed.

At times, some have challenged his proactive approach and his frankness, but Bob is an honest man with real integrity. Fairness and equality underpin all his work.

His statement prior to the visit of the EDL to Birmingham was the strongest stance taken by an official during the four years that the EDL have been holding ‘static’ demonstrations in Birmingham:

“With the significant challenges that the West Midlands Police and the  community of Birmingham face, the disruption and potential disorder  seen at previous events in Walsall and Dudley is totally unwanted by the vast majority of the population.

The demonstration will cause anxiety and is an attempt to exploit recent incidents. This protest is a distraction from ensuring that  victims of those incidents and their families get the justice they  deserve.  Police time is better spent in neighbourhoods tackling the crimes which matter most to local people.”

Furthermore, Bob has been hugely approachable and accessible to all communities. I and many others have arranged meetings between Bob and various groups in the past few weeks, including Muslim community activists, Imams and scholars, Mosque trustees, young Muslims and groups of non-Muslims concerned at the rise of Islamophbia and other hate crime.

There has been a clear expectation of Bob to take leadership on behalf of his electorate and seek a solution to the important issue of far-right extremism. He has not let us down.

This weekend’s EDL demonstration in Birmingham sought to spread hatred and divide a super-diverse city which is home to people from all over the world. Since 2007, people from 187 different countries have made Birmingham their home. Our cohesive Birmingham stood tall in unity while a couple of thousand unpleasant and unwanted one-day-immigrants wrestled with the Police on our streets.

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