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Gove poised to order inquiry into Birmingham schools Trojan Horse claims

Gove poised to order inquiry into Birmingham schools Trojan Horse claims

🕔08.Apr 2014

Michael Gove is set to appoint a senior official to investigate claims about alleged infiltration of Birmingham schools by Muslim extremists, it emerged today.

The Education Secretary wants to probe the “historical material” contained in the Trojan Horse letters sent to Birmingham City Council giving details of a supposed stealth campaign to impose strict Islamic principles in schools by replacing moderate governors and teachers with extremists.

City council leader Sir Albert Bore said he remained very much in Mr Gove’s hands.

He revealed that Mr Gove wants to appoint a senior review officer to look in detail at the Trojan Horse claims and report back to him.

Sir Albert told a meeting of the full council that he wanted Trojan Horse issues resolved quickly before any “community discord” arose. But the pace of an investigation was being driven by the Department for Education.

Sir Albert said: “The Secretary of State and the Department for Education are very much involved with the city council in taking matters forward with regards to the so-called Trojan Horse letters.

“The Secretary of State very specifically wishes to see action of a particular form and that includes, perhaps, the appointment of an individual to take forward further consideration of these matters.

“We have not been able to proceed at the speed that we would have wished or the Secretary of State might have wished because of the discussions that have been continually going on between the Department for Education and officials here at the city council.

“I would have wished that we could have moved more openly and more quickly on these matters. I do not want to see allegations around these Trojan Horse letters spill out into community discord.

“I hope the council can speedily agree with the Secretary of State how matters should be carried forward. If there is to be the appointment of a senior review officer to assess the historical Trojan Horse material, that appointment has got to be made as quickly as possible.”

Sir Albert’s comments follow a claim by the city council’s new chief executive that there is no “conspiracy” to radicalise Birmingham school children. Mark Rogers told Chamberlain Files that issues around city schools simply involved “new communities” looking for the same educational environment for their children that they would get at home.

Mr Rogers said they were asking “legitimate questions” about the type of schooling they wanted for their children and how that could fit in with the “liberal education system” we have in this country.

Cover Image: via BBC

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