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Election 2017: May’s gamble backfires

Election 2017: May’s gamble backfires

🕔09.Jun 2017

Who said politics is boring? Kevin Johnson pulls together the initial threads of General Election 2017.

There are so many elements of this election to reflect on, it’s difficult to know where to start. But, here are the main headlines….

We have a hung parliament. No party can reach across the line.

The election was called to bolster Conservative numbers on the Commons benches. Instead, Mrs May lost seats.

Theresa May is still the Prime Minister. For the moment.

The Tories have lost 12 seats, but increased its share of the vote by 6%.

Labour’s has added 29 seats and increased their share of the vote to 41%.

Those two sets of results can be put, in large part to a collapse of UKIP.

The SNP had a terrible night, losing 21 seats but remain the largest party in Scotland. All of other three main parties picked up seats north of the border.

The Lib Dems have added 4 seats in a topsy turvy night.

There have been notable individual falls, including former Deputy PM Nick Clegg and former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

Turnout was up and, it seems, a stronger show from the younger generation is largely responsible for that.

READ as it happened Live: General Election – Rolling Results

In Birmingham, the Tories did not pick up any of their target seats. Edgbaston, Northfield, Erdington and Yardley remain Labour. The party secured a remarkable 62% of the vote – greater even than in times of Blair landslides.

The Tories did pick up Walsall North.

Theresa May is said to be going nowhere and will not change her mind, apparently. I think we’ve heard that before. It seems implausible her party will allow that situation to carry on for too long.

Whilst some form of minority Conservative Government with support from the DUP is the most obvious outcome, even that looks difficult. Theresa May has not secured a mandate on the terms she sought and is unlikely to survive.

The country always has a Prime Minister and that office holder is Theresa May until she advises the Queen someone else should be invited to form a Government.

Jeremy Corbyn says he is ready to form a Government, but has also indicated he will not do any deals. He does not have the numbers to form and sustain a long term Government, irrespective of his remarkable achievement.

Oh, Brexit discussions are due to start in 10 days….

This story has a long way to go before reaching any form of conclusion. A second general election in 2017 looks on the cards.

Given the results, a second Scottish referendum is looking unlikely any time soon but the chances of a second EU referendum have slightly increased.

Spare a thought for Andy Street. His win a month ago looks even more impressive given last night’s results for Labour, but his access to – and support from – Government looks a lot less secure.

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