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Chamber POTY: Michael Fabricant MP by Kevin Johnson

Chamber POTY: Michael Fabricant MP by Kevin Johnson

🕔18.Dec 2012

If you had told me a year ago that I would be writing a blogpost suggesting Michael Fabricant, the Conservative MP for Lichfield and Vice Chairman of his party, as a contender for Person of the Year I would have labelled you as barking mad.

This year he ‘stepped down’ as a Government Whip and made what many people in his party would say was an unwelcome contribution to the debate about how the Tories should deal with the threat from UKIP.

When I was at ITV, Fabricant – a former director of a broadcast manufacturing company and member of the Culture, Media and Sport committee (or at least its predecessor) – he was seen as one of one of those backbench MPs who positioned themselves as experts on the media industry with little real grasp of the business. Frankly ‘Mickey Fabb’ was something of a figure of fun with the physical characteristics to make him a cartoon character.

The Chamber POTYs are the first Person of the Year Awards run by The Chamberlain Files. To see who else has been nominated, click here

Then Twitter came along. He has been a revelation. Witty, self-deprecating and (sometimes) informative. The Member for Lichfield has found a platform to reveal a personality than doesn’t always convey as well on the floor of the House or in the media. He is now a must follow among MPs on the social network.

Here are a few recent treats from his timeline:

“I haven’t been able to have a good Twank recently. Need to tweet something that will elicit praise!”

“This bisexual turkey thing is a serious issue. What is the Church’s stance on it? Are they still allowed for Christmas?Can I marry a turkey?”

“Platform 2 at MK now packed with refugees from broken down train. We may have to start eating each other if this goes on any longer.”

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