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<h2><a href="">Dale&#8217;s Devo Diary: &#8216;Combined authority scrutiny to be in public, except when Government says no&#8217;<a href='' class='comments-small'>(2)</a></a></h2>How open and accountable will combined authorities and metro mayors really be? What are the chances of NHS services being devolved to the new bodies? What tax raising powers will <h2><a href="">Game: If a 120-member council is too big, the reasoning had better be good<a href='' class='comments-small'>(7)</a></a></h2>This is basically a critique based on a guess, says Chris Game as the Local Government Boundary Commission for England is expected to announce its view on the recommended size of <h2><a href="">Labour&#8217;s new leader &#8216;must be as popular as Blair&#8217; to win next election<a href='' class='comments-small'>(7)</a></a></h2>The Labour party requires a lead over the Conservatives of more than 15 per cent to win a comfortable majority at the 2020 General Election, according to new research.

The impact <h2><a href="">Commission recommends third Heathrow runway, but will it ever be built?<a href='' class='comments-small'>(7)</a></a></h2>The independent Airports Commission has come down heavily in favour of building a new runway at Heathrow, largely on economic grounds, in a decision that will put pressure on the <h2><a href="">Dale&#8217;s Diary: &#8216;Baron Whitby gets a transfer, and Jerry bows out&#8217;<a href='' class='comments-small'>(14)</a></a></h2>It’s all gone a bit quiet for Mike Whitby since the former Tory leader of Birmingham city council decamped to the red leather benches of the House of Lords to

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