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<h2><a href="">Was HRA cap-scrapping really the biggest thing since Thatcher?<a href='' class='comments-small'>(0)</a></a></h2>Your starter for 10, as they say on University Challenge: What was recently described and by whom as “absolutely massive, the single biggest piece of news since Thatcher was in <h2><a href="">C4 disappointment must lead to focus on skills and local investment<a href='' class='comments-small'>(0)</a></a></h2>Channel 4’s decision to move to Leeds underlines the need for a long term commitment to creative industries development in the West Midlands, writes Andy Howell in the second part <h2><a href="">C4: a real case of Surprise, Surprise<a href='' class='comments-small'>(1)</a></a></h2>This week’s news on the outcome of Channel Four’s search for a new National HQ was, of course, disappointing writes Kevin Johnson in the first of a 2-part special feature. 

It <h2><a href="">Location, Location, Location: Leeds wins Ch4 commission<a href='' class='comments-small'>(0)</a></a></h2>

Leeds will be the location of Channel Four's new National HQ as Birmingham misses out. Bristol and Glasgow will be the locations of its two new Creative Hubs, reports Kevin <h2><a href="">Budget18: a local government perspective</a></h2>It's Budget Day, in case you didn't already know, so Chris Game gives a local government perspective on the annual economic statement. 

A Monday budget – for Halloween-avoiding or debate-enabling reasons,


GBSLEP sets up ladder for 1,000 apprentices

GBSLEP sets up ladder for 1,000 apprentices

The Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enteprise Partnership (GBSLEP) holds its an annual conference this morning, launching what it describes as new ways for businesses to influence region’s economic growth. The

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