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<h2><a href="">Ofsted right to ignore teachers&#8217; fury and ask difficult questions about Trojan Horse extremism<a href='' class='comments-small'>(17)</a></a></h2>Ofsted inspectors who visited 18 Birmingham schools at the heart of the Trojan Horse allegations adopted an unusual approach to the matter in hand.

Rather than checking out academic achievement, the watchdog <h2><a href="">Watch out! Miliband’s micro-targeters are coming to get you<a href='' class='comments-small'>(6)</a></a></h2>There was no shortage of questions following Labour’s decision to hire Barack Obama’s election strategist, David Axelrod, as adviser in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

Why yet another imported <h2><a href="">Full list of Birmingham schools in Trojan Horse probe published for first time<a href='' class='comments-small'>(9)</a></a></h2>A full list of 18 Birmingham schools being investigated by Ofsted following the Trojan Horse ‘Islam plot’ allegations has been revealed for the first time.

Council officials expect the probe will <h2><a href="">Poorest families miss out as council leaves £2.9m from crisis fund &#8216;sitting in the bank&#8217;<a href='' class='comments-small'>(4)</a></a></h2>Birmingham Council has managed to spend only half of a £6 million pot providing crisis payments to the poorest families despite the growth of food banks across the city and claims that <h2><a href="">Ofsted&#8217;s Trojan Horse probe based on &#8216;pre-conceived notion&#8217;, claims Birmingham academy trust<a href='' class='comments-small'>(10)</a></a></h2>Three Birmingham academy schools at the centre of allegations about militant Muslim infiltration have hit out at Ofsted, accusing the watchdog of having “a pre-conceived notion” of what it expected to

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