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<h2><a href="">Giving councils tax-raising powers will make town halls &#8216;more responsible&#8217;, report claims<a href='' class='comments-small'>(4)</a></a></h2>Right wing think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs has criticised the Government’s English devolution efforts as flawed and selective, favouring chosen councils and regions against others.

The creation of an English Parliament <h2><a href="">Only one in ten council chiefs confident of saving front-line services, study finds<a href='' class='comments-small'>(0)</a></a></h2>Only one in ten local authority chief executives are confident their council can protect front-line services in the face of continued austerity over the next five years, according to a <h2><a href="">HSBC and HS2 reinforce &#8216;booming Birmingham&#8217;, but also highlight tale of two cities<a href='' class='comments-small'>(6)</a></a></h2>High speed trains will bring London and Birmingham much closer together, but there’s no need to wait until 2026 to see that happening, writes Paul Dale.

The announcement this week that <h2><a href="">Dale&#8217;s Diary: Labour rocked by Howellgate, Balls threatens to resign<a href='' class='comments-small'>(7)</a></a></h2>In the first of his Diary entries from the election front, chief blogger Paul Dale goes behind Labour lines.....

It’s not quite the Zinoviev Letter, but an emailed note alleging dirty <h2><a href="">Lords let off steam over &#8216;seriously deficient and unconvincing&#8217; HS2 business case<a href='' class='comments-small'>(2)</a></a></h2>The Government case for building HS2 is “seriously deficient” and relies on out of date and unconvincing evidence, the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has declared.

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