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<h2><a href="">Major employers told &#8216;buy locally to boost the Birmingham economy&#8217;<a href='' class='comments-small'>(2)</a></a></h2>Birmingham’s largest employers are being urged to boost the city economy by adopting a ‘buy on your own doorstep’ policy.

A new city council-led project aims to encourage so-called ‘anchor institutions’ <h2><a href="">Tory conference: &#8216;Four days in the sun when the Government moves to Birmingham&#8217;<a href='' class='comments-small'>(2)</a></a></h2>Never mind about where MPs will decant to when the crumbling Houses of Parliament are refurbished – for four days next week the seat of Government is going to be <h2><a href="">Redesign of Birmingham-Solihull NHS services &#8216;secretive and a recipe for disaster&#8217;<a href='' class='comments-small'>(6)</a></a></h2>The biggest redesign of NHS and social care services in a generation is taking place in secret and is a recipe for disaster, Birmingham city councillors have claimed.

Reflecting mounting local <h2><a href="">GBSLEP seeks &#8216;passionate go-getters&#8217; to fill ten new roles<a href='' class='comments-small'>(7)</a></a></h2>Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) is undergoing a major shake-up of its senior management team and is advertising to fill ten new roles.

GBSLEP, which brings together councils and <h2><a href="">&#8216;We&#8217;re ambitious for second Devo deal, but it will take time&#8217;, WMCA chief warns<a href='' class='comments-small'>(9)</a></a></h2>A second devolution deal for the West Midlands could be on the cards, but council leaders are stressing that talks with the Government are still at an early stage.

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